I am not great keeping up here apparently...
Well, that and the last several months haven't been ones I felt like I could post about in any public place. But life is a-changing...

And Josh's recent blog entry is a good overview. So...you can click here to read it. ;-)

And to get caught up on pictures...

August 2012

November 2012

January 2013

February 2013 1

February 2013 2

April 2013

:-P Been a while, I guess. 

July 2012
I haven't taken any pictures since Felicity's birthday over a month ago. :-P I'm not sure if I'm less motivated because they're finally starting to change less over the course of a month or because every time I try to grab the camera Mary either stops whatever cute thing she's doing or runs like a little terror to get into some mischief. Or maybe it's because it has been too hot to go outside, where pictures are best taken. I finally downloaded pictures from the SD card the other day, with the intention of photographing a desk I had finally cleaned up. But the camera battery was in dire need of recharging. So now it's recharged but still not back in the camera. Something about unfinished tasks just piling up here...

My kitchen reflects that, too, as does the guest room, piled high. But guess what? I'll go take some before pictures and hopefully that will motivate me to prepare some awesome neatness for taking after pictures soon, since I need my kitchen for cooking and the guest room needs to be prepared for my brother to come move in next week. Hard to believe that by the time he graduates Felicity will be six or seven years old. A lot will change before then! 

At any rate, here are pictures...

Video of my kids with me

Felicity decorated the walls and floor in our house recently...

Trust me, there was more...but I'll spare you. :-P Baking soda, toothpaste, dawn, mayonnaise, etc. are all suggestions for removing crayon markings from the wall. I even got one of those magic erasers. While most of the darkness of the back is off the hall wall, you can still see everything, just not as in your face. Someday we'll paint, right? And as for the floor, I do think stain remover will get the crayon out, but I haven't spent enough time on it to remove all of it yet. It's on that ever-growing to do list in my head. 

Felicity turned three at the end of June. Josh decorated a cake, but between me being slow in getting all the ingredients together and Josh being exhausted and up late the night before, we ended up on the way to my grandparents' house in a hot car with the butter in the frosting not nearly solid enough to hold up for the trip, even though we stuck it back in the fridge just fifteen or twenty minutes after pulling it out of our fridge. :sigh: Next time it'll be better, right? I foresee this being a logical problem every year, though, with a mid-summer birthday and all that. Oh well. 

Josh also bought trick candles and put the whole package of them on the cake for Felicity. She's not picky about numbers yet, apparently. I think the OCD family members were having internal fits, though. LOL!

She wasn't super enthused about gifts. Apparently when you don't tell a three year old in advance that there will be gifts she doesn't have time to get excited about it. I figured since we were all hyped up about swimming and cake, that would be fine, but when she had gifts handed to her immediately upon arrival, she kept getting sidetracked and trying to get ready to go swimming. LOL! 

And, yeah, I got one picture of Mary at the party. :-P Just one. Poor kid. She's going to grow up with a complex. I promise you, I'd love to take pictures of her, but she always comes after the camera before I even get a shot in, eager to see herself like it's a little mirror. 

To see all the pictures, the album is here (hopefully the link works).

Difficult Phases
mary crying

Lately, I've been trying to figure out if my kids are at their most difficult age or if I just lost perspective due to a relatively easy phase. Haha. I guess it really doesn't matter. Both girls are doing beautifully and just simply growing up enough that they can do some serious damage in short order if I'm not paying attention. On the other hand, they're also old enough that I can take them outside to play and not worry about them eating absolutely everything in sight. I even took a spiral bound notebook out there yesterday to make menu plans while watching them! And I pinched peaches off the peach tree (though I didn't get very far) in hopes that we'll somehow reduce the nutrient burden on the tree (I'd love to have decent peaches this year). Of course, they both like to move towards things I don't want them to get into, but they love being outside...and they do play very well by themselves, compared to how they used to be. ;-) No more need to take blankets and toys outside to keep them occupied. LOL! Sticks, folks! Those are now toys. I am a paranoid mother, so I usually take the sticks away in short order...because of course my mind wanders ahead to possible reasons for emergency room visits. Haha. Poor, deprived babes. Someday soon I'll let them play with sticks a little more, maybe...

Food is an interesting issue now. Since Josh is at work most of the time (55-60 hours a week feels like it, anyway), the girls and I usually eat our meals when he isn't around. Up until recently, I had been fixing food only for myself, other than letting the girls snack whenever. It's highly unstructured, of course, and not very good, but for some reason I hadn't pulled it together to do otherwise. Felicity drinks a lot of milk (I weaned her a few months after she turned two, I think, and now she's almost three) and mostly likes to avoid meat, but she likes cheese, bread, carrots, berries, cantaloupe, lettuce, and chocolate. I'm sure she likes other stuff I'm forgetting, but her day tends to revolve around those items. Last night I was getting ready to cook myself some eggs and she saw me with an egg carton and the frying pan and wanted to know if I was making pancakes. :-P So instead of eggs I made pancakes, which both girls loved. And they both sat at the table to eat them. Mary also ate some frozen blueberries. Felicity wasn't interested. 

Mary still nurses a lot night and day. I night weaned Felicity a few months after Mary was born, so for that age Mary is still a few months away. She eats cheese, bread, fruit, veggies (a lot like Felicity, only she also really loves peas - frozen, cooked, or thawed), and pretty much anything else she can find. She's very good about letting me know when she's hungry, but I have realized recently that I really need to be feeding her more consistently, since I don't think nursing is quite cutting it anymore. She is absolutely adorable, but she's not a chubby little infant anymore. :-( She has kind of chubby cheeks, but she's not fat at all. She's very healthy and well-proportioned, though. 

Let's see...what else? Josh is working hard as ever at Pizza Hut. Every time I feel like we're getting into a routine as a family or he feels like things are finally evening out at Pizza Hut, something comes up...but so far it's nothing horrible, so that's good. Figuring out how to make life work thinking outside the box is awfully fun. When we needed to take the car in to get some work done recently, we walked from the car place over to Pizza Hut. It wasn't a super long walk, but it was very hilly and we stopped a couple times on the way and I think we must have taken a couple of hours, all told, to get two miles. :-P But it was a nice way to spend our day together and the girls enjoyed getting to go to the park on the way, with a castle and a fish pond. 

For the record, I did suggest that we could both drive to the car place and leave Josh's Jeep there and then he could drive the car back and bring the Jeep home. And then he could drive the Jeep to get the car and bring the car back to get us and then we could all go back to get the Jeep, but for some reason he found that unnecessarily convoluted. :-P We saw our old minivan for sale on the way home, but tempting as it is...I think I'd rather hang on to the money instead of buying a third vehicle just so we can have a backup option. I mean, I like backup vehicles and all, but money is a bit more versatile on the whole backup thing. A minivan would be nice to have again sometimes, but we only have two kids, so we don't really need a bigger vehicle. And the gas mileage of a smaller vehicle is obviously preferable. 

Today, I'm trying to decide what kinds of desserts I want to make for tomorrow. One I already have planned and the ingredients are all ready to assemble tomorrow morning so they'll have time to chill in the fridge before Easter dinner at my grandparents' house. But I want to make some other stuff and time is kind of running out, so I need to settle on exactly what I want to do, especially if it's something that requires a trip to the grocery store. :-P As always, I have a huge pile of laundry to wash and some bathrooms that could use cleaning. Our guest room is still a disaster, but attending to that usually involves two children coming and spreading the disaster even further, so I've been procrastinating. Sometime, though, I really do need to get the clothes sorted out and the other junk put away so we can get the new bed set up and actually make a presentable guest room. And then maybe someday someone will come and visit us...or maybe not. I don't know. Oh, yeah, I also need to clean up the play room. Sometime it's going to turn into a little girls' bedroom, though I'm not sure how soon that will be. Josh and I discussed buying a second toddler bed, but I think Felicity has about outgrown hers, so I think we're going to look at getting a twin bed or something - not sure. I think we have far too many beds and types of beds for the number of people in this house, so I don't know why we would buy a bed just yet, but we need to figure out something...sometime. :-P Or Mary can just keep sleeping in our bed, Felicity in her bed...and then we'll figure something else out later. Haha. :sigh: 

Sorry this is incoherent. I'm kind of tired at the moment...

Baby stats...
Felicity 4 Months
Not super precise, but...

Felicity is close to 35 pounds and 37.5 inches.

Mary is around 23-24 pounds and 30.25 inches.

Babies grow...
Felicity Spots 4 months
'Tis crazy. Felicity is two and a half now. She says lots and lots of things. And the world of pretend has suddenly opened up to her. She likes making and throwing snowballs at us and, thankfully, they don't hurt...since they're pretend. :-P She is also obsessed enough with the concept of monsters that I'm pretty sure the kids at church have to be annoyed by now. She'll find anyone (pretty much six and under) and chase them all around the church, roaring at them. "Rawr, rawr." :shaking head: I don't have any idea...

She also points to the window and back door and tells us there's a monster out there. Josh was actually worried she might have some basis for this, but I promise that she really never even sees out there and she also comes up with other imaginary things and points just to get us to look at empty space. She has been doing a lot of other obvious pretend stuff lately, too. Yesterday she was playing with a "pretend" baby and even sticking a pacifier (not imaginary) into it's (imaginary) mouth. So yeah...lots and lots of pretend.

And, also, every time I put on a skirt or a dress or she's wearing one, it's "You a princess!" or "I a princess!" Not sure where she got that, either...haha.

She has a slight tendency to be a bit dramatic and occasionally throws fits when she doesn't get her way. I welcome her to continue her pointless endeavors, usually, if I can't reasonably accommodate her (after instructing her on how to go about communicating properly, of course). Amazingly, this seems to have the opposite effect. ;-) Fits aren't much fun to throw without an audience or effect, I guess.

Let's see...still no potty training progress. I'm not wanting to push it till she's closer to three, but then we'll be getting a little more hardcore, I imagine. At this point, I'm not seeing adequate signs of readiness to feel like pushing it would be productive. But if I don't see her moving in that direction in the next few months, I do have a plan for encouraging it without turning it into a big issue yet. I'm planning to just go ahead and put her on the toilet regularly throughout the day...but I'm not really ready to do that yet. :-P And it's almost as much about my readiness as hers. ;-)

Otherwise, she's starting to learn the concept of counting and saying letter sounds, but she doesn't recognize specific letters or numbers. She is learning shapes and colors. She asks us a lot about the names of specific objects. She also likes to learn new concept-naming words, which makes me laugh. She seems to understand them surprisingly well. Being rich = having a lot of money...which she apparently thinks is a good thing.

She likes to paint and draw and color. She and Mary get along fairly well, I guess. I'm not really sure how that is supposed to work, actually. I encourage her to let me deal with it when Mary is breaking rules (such as climbing where it is dangerous to climb), so she is getting better about letting me know, "Mommy, get the Mary down." ;-) And then I do. And then it's, "Good job, Mommy. Good job!" LOL! Is it really patronizing when your two year old treats you like you treat her? ;-)

Mary is thirteen months old now. I just realized that when Felicity was this age I was already halfway through my second pregnancy. :-P [BTW, I'm so glad not to be pregnant now. I have energy and strength and no weird food cravings or aversions and on and on...] Anyway, she is a little mischief maker. All those non-childproof cabinets that we survived with Felicity are definitely a problem with Mary. So we very quickly got them all locked up. Every single time one of us leaves the main food cabinet unlocked, it seems like Mary gets there instantly and starts pulling stuff out. And books come off shelves, stuff comes out of drawers...

She's not really quite a little tornado. But she is an extremely tactile person. She almost always has something in each hand, which is hilarious. And she has favorite forbidden items to pursue every chance she gets. LOL! Keeping up with her is definitely quite the task. But, on the bright side, she is exceptionally good at entertaining herself. She's so good, in fact, that I think she's even teaching Felicity how to do so, and that of course is very helpful.

Mary also thoroughly enjoys TV shows (and always has). Current favorites include Care Bears, Shaun the Sheep, Leap Frog, and other similar shows. She still loves Curious George, too. Also, she has started saying words...mostly difficult to understand, but in some contexts I pick them out more readily, so that's fun to watch.

She has been walking for quite a while now and likes to run, too. She still falls down a good bit, but she's quite steady on her feet when she pays attention and isn't going too fast. She also likes walking backwards for some strange reason, especially when I'm offering her food and she wants to get a closer look at it before deciding whether to eat it. ;-) Speaking of food, I think she loves bananas the most. She also likes apples (particularly whole and particularly to chew up and spit out :-P), shredded cheese, and, sometimes, cheerios and crackers. But she still mostly prefers to nurse. Sometimes I wonder how that could possibly be adequately nourishing...and then I realize that might very possibly be why I get so weak and hungry these days. :-P Ha. Being a cow is so fun. ;-)

Let's see...Josh seems to be doing quite well at Pizza Hut. He's still developing his management style and it seems to be working really well. I'm actually quite impressed with how he applies those skills both at work and at home. He approaches things from the perspective of being empowering instead of condemning and it's just really very...nice. I've seen criticism before, but never really understood how it could be constructive. I like how he basically focuses on how it can be better in the future. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it's just feels different...like he's helping everyone be as successful as they can be instead of making them feel like something is defective about them.

So yeah...other than that, we're having fun cooking lots of good food at home. We got a frying basket this last week. That night, we made crab rangoons. Then yesterday we made hush puppies, French fries, French fried onions, and fried chicken with tempura. 'Twas so good! I have to say, being married to someone who is an awesome cook makes me feel like I hit the jackpot. LOL! It's pretty nice being in the kitchen and just both doing our stuff and making awesome food. He gets more of the science and is really good at blending tastes. I'm good at chopping stuff? ;-) No, I have fairly decent cooking skills and like to cook well. And we work well together. It's super fun. And if anyone wants to come and enjoy some of the fruits of our labors, we've decided to start hosting an opportunity just about every Thursday night at our house. Let us know if you'd like to join us sometime! :-)

Christmas 2011
Mary hasn't quite figured out how present opening works. :-P

Felicity loves presents!

Did I say loves presents? :-P

Mary loves her flip phone, which has since been the object of several fights. Gotta love Christmas. ;-)

Uncle Levi got Felicity a chair of her own.

Gigi and Poppy (my grandparents) gave her a lion and a corresponding story book (Mary got a polar bear and a polar bear book, I think).

Ah, yes, the polar bear.

Felicity looking at the book

Trying on the scarf from Aunt Rebekah

See how they both ham it up for the camera? :-P

I think this is the first halfway decent family picture we've ever gotten. Thanks, Mom. ;-) (And Aunt Karyn, who was entertaining the girls...)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Apple pie and cherry pie are cooling on the counter in the kitchen. Everything else is in the refrigerator ready for me to add the finishing touches tomorrow before we go to my aunt's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, most of my siblings, my grandparents, my aunt, and my cousin.


Mary is walking more and more all the time. She started taking steps earlier than Felicity did, but she still does a lot of crawling. She's going to turn one soon! She is very fun and playful and also into just about everything. All those babyproofing things we didn't need to do with Felicity are turning into a necessity now. ;-)

Felicity is gradually becoming more verbal, which is quite convenient for communicating. She also enjoys having books read to her more now.

Josh is still doing quite well at Pizza Hut. I appreciate his hard work to support us!

Someday I'll update more thoroughly, but I'm tired now. :-P

Been a while?

Where to start...

I did post about a month ago and so I guess the girls are a month older. LOL! Major milestones...

Mary is standing on her own for brief periods.

Felicity is actually speaking intelligibly and in fairly complex sentences at times. Sometimes it's simpler but still funny, like at the grocery store when we toss something she likes into the cart. "Thank you...very much!" (with added emphasis at the end of course). :-P

Mary just went through a rather intense clingy period. It seemed like forever, but now that she's actually taking naps without me holding her again (as of yesterday and today), I'm thinking maybe it was really only a couple weeks. That's long enough for dishes, laundry, and cleaning tasks to pile up. I read somewhere that it's good for kids this age to be clingy since they're also developing the mobility to get into mischief. Felicity never thought to get into cabinets at this age! I don't think she even knew how. We didn't install the child safety stuff on some cabinets (with cleaning supplies, for instance) till close to Mary's birth, I think. :-P

Felicity is just now figuring out that she can open the refrigerator herself. Maybe it's time to reorganize and stick approved snacks where she will be able to grab them most easily without disturbing anything else.

Josh got promoted to restaurant general manager at the Pizza Hut where he works. That was a couple weeks ago. I'm glad he takes his job so very seriously, though I do rather miss him. And I think he misses sleeping and eating. :-P But hopefully soon we'll get a good routine worked out. They were able to hire an additional shift leader recently and the first week with him went so well that I was shocked as Josh arrived home earlier than ever before at the end of his closing shifts. Of course, that was partly because they were working the same shift. :-P But maybe the overall effect will be similar. I can hope, right?

Our water heater broke recently. We knew when we bought our house that we'd be replacing appliances in a few years and here we are. ;-) I guess only wishful thinking would ever inspire us to hope things like appliances and car parts will last forever. Haha. What is it with things wearing out? My family very kindly came over and helped me get everything cleaned up, including vacuuming up a good bit of water that seeped in under the carpet, but I think we got to it quickly enough because I haven't seen any damage so far. This was a week ago. Josh got a 24 hour plumbing service to come and replace the water heater, so we never even had to take cold showers.

I think we might be spoiled. :-P And that's about all for now...I'm loving this cool weather. Fall is the best time of year!

Nothing Especially New
 Mary is eight months now (as of 8.13). I don't know how tall she is, but she's 22 pounds. Measuring her is pretty much impossible since she won't stay still. :-P She seems reasonably tall, though. Felicity was around 34.5 inches last I checked (around her second birthday) and she's about 31 pounds now. Both girls seem quite healthy. :-D

In teething news, I don't know why I always forget that teething can make children fussy. It's kind of like forgetting that being anemic can cause fatigue, I guess. Mary's version of teething is so much milder than Felicity's (which really wasn't all that bad) that I just look at her funny when she's fussing. It dawned on me in the last day or two that she might be cutting more teeth and, sure enough, she now has eight little teeth poking through her gums. She got three on the bottom, two on the top, then one more on the bottom, and then two more on the top. I'm pretty sure that's not the standard order, but the Internet says it's okay. ;-) Felicity is still growing in her last four baby teeth; the bottom ones are more grown in than the top ones. I'd tell you where I am in the process of getting my wisdom teeth, but this has been over a decade in progress and...yeah. Let's just say I've had plenty of moments where I could definitely sympathize with my teething children.

Let's see...developmentally, I've lost track of where my kids are compared to where they were. ;-) Felicity can finally jump now and she even gets the concept of hopping! She likes singing along to songs; I don't think she's quite tone deaf, but she's definitely not quite to the point of matching pitches. And her enunciation leaves something to be desired. But at least now she can let me know in words some of things she wants: popcorn, rolls (tootsie rolls, that is), choc-ate mi'k, apple, staw-bees, and dee-doos (her name for pickled okra; we haven't figured that one out). She still isn't very consistent in her eating habits, but she's nearly always in the mood for whatever Josh is eating. And I'm starting to see a pretty strong correlation between Daddy time and eating and sleeping well. She's definitely a daddy's girl! 

And, just so you can appreciate Josh almost as much as we do, getting that Daddy time in looked like this yesterday:

Josh hasn't had a real day off in over a week and a half, maybe longer; I don't remember. Yesterday, after barely getting enough sleep to call it a night, he was out the door in time to interview people at 9AM. Turned out the 9AM had to move to 12PM, but anyway...Josh started his shift at Pizza Hut shortly thereafter and got home right around 2:30AM. I've had very little success trying to figure out a consistent schedule for the girls to sleep, so even if I get them to sleep shortly before Josh gets home, they wake up like they've just had a nice, late evening nap. :-P So I just gave up for yesterday and let them take long afternoon naps. And so it was that they were both wide awake after two hours of trying to get them to sleep. So after a super long day and hardly any sleep lately, Josh took care of both girls while I fixed him some snacks, and he and Felicity plopped down on the couch and ate food. Never seen a happier little girl...

And this is our family time lately. :-P Felicity is definitely much happier when she has spent time with Josh, so hopefully we can figure out some other method of making that happen, because there's just no way staying up into the wee hours of the morning can be the ideal for a toddler. On the other hand, getting her to bed super early would mean her possibly getting up and staying up in the wee hours of the morning, which means little to no sleep for me. And a slightly earlier bedtime means her getting up just a few hours after I go to bed. I am not really worried about when I get to sleep, but I do like to be well-rested in general, since it's a lot easier not to be grouchy that way. ;-) So I do prioritize getting enough sleep. If it doesn't work out one way, I'll nap during the day and I'm always super grateful I don't have to go to work. But I'd love to try to get as much of my rest during a normal sleeping period as possible.

Oh, yeah, about Josh...things seem to be going pretty well at Pizza Hut. I definitely think he has found his niche in managing people. He cracks me up with all his creative (and apparently quite effective) ideas and his use of gadgets (fish scales, a laser thermometer, etc.) I'm not like him at all, so innovating and buying things to make life easier and measurements more precise would never occur to me, but there he is figuring out all sorts of ways to improve everything. That, also, is his strength - taking an already-existing system and improving on it, fine-tuning. Whether he'll stay in the food industry long-term is questionable (long-term being the rest of his life; hopefully he stays with Pizza Hut for several years), but management so far seems to suit him well. I can definitely see that many things have challenged him in a way he never experienced before, but he has embraced the challenges beautifully and I'm excited to see him continue to succeed.

Meanwhile, it is a bit lonely here at home. I very much love the two people who are my constant companions, but their conversational skills are rather insufficient for carrying on any sort of intellectual dialogue. I am an introvert, but I do like interacting with people and I kind of miss it. Hopefully I'll be able to remedy that somehow eventually. For now, I'm doing what I've always done in the lonelier times in my life and spending a lot of time on introspection and seeking God. My major focus in the present is on parenting. I want to know what kind of relationship is "healthy" to have with my kids, for the present and the future. I want to know what methods of training them are most Biblical and constructive. And I want to learn how to teach them coping skills that will help them deal with all that life throws their way, good and bad. And I want to know how to share the Gospel with them in a non-manipulative way so that, should they embrace it, it will be sincere and real. And of course I want to find out what things in myself must be pruned and what things must be healed because I don't want any of it to get in the way more than...I dunno...it must? 

I'm not perfect. I know that. I know that ultimately my kids will have to accept that about me and move forward with their lives in any case. But my desire to learn and grow is greater in knowing how much it impacts my interaction and relationships with them. I'm glad my parents have set an example for me in this in being teachable and humble and loving unconditionally. I'm afraid it'll take a while for me to get there and, as is the nature of parenting, I probably won't have it all figured out till it's too late to be useful in my own parenting. But I guess that's the beauty of being able to ask God for wisdom - He gives it even when I don't have all the life experience and the cool thing about it is I can't take any credit for it, either. ;-)

 She crawls! Well, mostly. She still drops down on her stomach occasionally for no apparent reason (she doesn't scoot much; she just crawls a bit and then drops down and then gets up and crawls more). Mary is six and a half months now, a full month ahead of Felicity on the crawling thing. She can get into a sitting position and into a crawling position on her own and she has started pulling herself up on things, but not quite to a standing position yet.

Her sense of adventure is climbing up on a six inch tall box. :-P LOL! And then she cries because she doesn't know how to get down. Don't worry. I'm trying to teach her how to get off the couch and stuff properly, but so far she hasn't seemed to make the connection. Hopefully soon...meanwhile, I try to make sure she sleeps in between us at night so I don't have to worry about her falling off the bed. And she sometimes takes a few of her daytime naps in the playpen, though lately she's been a little fussier. Maybe we can blame it on the third tooth growing in? It's a third bottom tooth and I can't figure out if she's getting teeth out of order or if she has an extra one like I did. :-P I guess only time will tell.

Felicity is going to turn two on Thursday and she has finally figured out the concept of matching. We haven't quite gotten to the point of her understanding turns and the whole memory game, but at least we're getting there. She did remember where stuff was when I tried playing it with her once. She watches kid shows a good bit, including Leap Frog, so she has started saying names of letters and numbers, but I don't think she's made the association just yet. 
Still no luck on toilet training or weaning, but hopefully we'll get closer soon. Now that we have a dryer that can dry stuff in about an hour instead of three or four, I've started daytime cloth diapering. I don't know if I'm doing everything quite right, but we're up to about a week now and things seem to be working pretty well. Felicity wasn't a fan that first day and cried at naptime till I put her back in a disposable, but that was the last time we had an issue. Stocking up on disposables when they were super cheap made me feel greedy, but having to pay full price on even the cheapest diapers available is way worse. And dealing with the related trash isn't fun, either. So, all in all, cloth diapers seem like a pretty easy way to save a dollar or two a day. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it can add up really fast. I mean, I could even afford to buy some expensive laundry detergent with the money saved in one week! LOL! 
Anyway, we'll see how it works out long-term, but so far it isn't nearly as gross as I had expected, probably less gross overall. And now instead of trying to cram all the trash into our trash can every week, it's about a third full and tonight is the night to take it out. 
Anyway, Mary is tired and fussing, so I guess I'll see what I can do for her. :-)


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